Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation at NARMC

CARDIAC REHABILITATION is a monitored and supervised exercise program for all forms of cardiovascular diseases. NARMC's newly renovated facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art monitoring system which helps to watch the heart's reaction to exercise and allows staff to compare progress to previous visits. It is also equipped with new exercise equipment including treadmills, upper extremity ergometers, bikes, Nu-Steps, and Rex Recumbent elliptical trainers. Our RN's LPN's carefully monitor patients' exercise programs and provide education about living with cardiac conditions. Upon the completion of the monitoring phase of Cardiac Rehab, patients have the option to continue with a supervised exercise program for continued improvement.

NARMC Cardiac Rehabilitation:



Weekly each patient is assessed for weight, heart and lung sounds, and swelling (edema). Aerobic exercise can: strengthen your heart muscle improve blood circulation reduce body fat decrease total cholesterol levels and tiglyceride levels help control hypertension and blood sugar.



After initial assessment, exercise is done 3 days a week (on an outpatient basis) for about 12 weeks. The program is individualized to each person's ability and each patient is progressed as their exercise tolerance increases.



Topics concerning heart disease are discussed. These topics include exercise guidelines, risk factors for heart disease, medications, stress, low cholesterol diet, tests, and options in care.



Most insurance companies cover Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation. If you have questions concerning your insurance, we will check it for you.



Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation is a maintenance exercise program for people who have completed the Phase II program. It is also an exercise program for people who want to prevent heart disease. This is also a supervised exercise program but does not include telemetry monitoring with each session.


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