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Claude Parrish Radiation Therapy Institute
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The Claude Parrish Radiation Therapy Institute was formed in 1990 as part of North Arkansas Regional Medical Center and sits on the northern most part of the NARMC campus. This State of the Art facility provides high quality radiation therapy in a caring and compassionate manner. Members of the ParRTI staff and Foundation Board are committed to excellence in all areas including providing the latest technology available.
ParRTI is staffed with a board certified Radiation Oncologist, a qualified medical physicist, a dosimetrist, radiation therapists, and an RN who is committed to the delivery of cancer care at extremely high standards. At ParRTI,  our professional team is dedicated to creating an environment where the patient and their family receives the very best up-to-date information, technology, and treatment techniques available. 

ParRTI provides through NARMC opportunities such as; nutritional services, social services, travel assistance, and support groups. ParRTI works very closely with the American Cancer Society, Ozark Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Arkansas Breast Care and the North Arkansas Partnership for Health Education to ensure that all areas of  patient care receives proper attention. ParRTI and NARMC also partner to provide free cancer screenings to the public including: prostate, colon/rectal, skin cancer, and breast screening. Most of these screenings are free or given at a minimal charge to the participants.  

Cancer and cancer treatments vary, so visiting with our Radiation Oncologist is the only way of determining which treatment options are best for you or your family member, however, many patients receive a multi-disciplined approach to cancer care consisting of radiation therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy. The goal of  radiation therapy is to maximize the possibility of cure and minimize any side effects that may arise. Radiation is delivered by using high energy beams or radioactive materials to the areas where cancer is determined to be present. Radiation therapy is considered to be painless and usually requires several weeks of treatments with rest given to the patient during the weekend.  



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