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Recently a website was launched to help consumers play a role in preventing medication errors ( The site contains a variety of informative tools and services; one in particular features a stand-alone consumer medication tool called MedSafetyAlert! Along with they provide registrants with personalized, timely alerts about medication errors, drug recalls, and other important safety information when medications you take are in the news. The source of the alerts is the FDA, ISMP, drug manufacturers, and published clinical reports. We hope you will actively use this free service.

To access this free service click on this link: . The list of drug names and conditions provided by consumers is stored in a confidential profile on a secure site, and patients will begin to receive emailed safety messages as they are published by any of the above sources. Patients may also print out their list of medications for future use, and they will receive a drug-to-drug and drug-to-disease interaction analysis and monthly reminders to update their medication profiles.


To receive a copy of your medical records, please click the link below, print it, fill it out and return it to: North Arkansas Regional Medical Center, Attention: Medical Records, 620 N. Main, Harrison, AR 72601.

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Consumers of health care (often referred to as patients) should never be left in the dark. It is our policy to make sure that you understand any and all possible services that we offer at NARMC. To that end, we offer patient information every step of the way.

You can find out more about safe medication information.

Many consumers are confused about which websites have reliable information for patients. The following websites have been recommended by members of the medical staff of North Arkansas Regional Medical Center:

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